June 2006

Always looking for the best price?

Online Retail,Technology

If you are carrying around a Web enabled phone, shopping just got a whole lot easier. With this new plugin for your phone, which is free by the way, you can enter in the barcode of an item you find in the store and instantly compare online prices, access reviews, and redeem coupons.

This sounds great in theory and I would love to try it out and tell you all about it, but it doesn’t let me send it to my Verizon phone. As soon as I can get it installed, I will start using it and let you know if it is worth the time or not. However, I think it looks and sounds like a great tool so please give it a shot and let me know what you think about it.

Scanbuy Shopper

MS Office 2007 Beta

Computer Apps,Microsoft,Technology

If you’ve heard about Office 2007 or if you haven’t, it is coming and it actually looks like it has made some very sweet improvements. Follow the link below to try it out.

Download Office 2007 Beta

As a result of the feedback received so far from beta testers, Microsoft is pushing back the release of Office 2007. Read the story.

Google Checkout

Google,Online Retail,Technology

Well, Google is finally rolling out its own ecommerce solution… sort of, it is more PayPal-esque than anything else. What they are offering is a place to store your purchasing information that will simplify online transactions. So how does it work? It seems really simple (I have signed up, but not purchased anything yet), but I am only going off what I have read so far.

First, you setup an account with Google Checkout, then you search through Google for what you are wanting to purchase, you will see a shopping cart icon next to results that allow Google Checkout to be used. When you locate items you would like to purchase, just add them to your cart as your normally do, then when it is time to checkout, their will be a Google Checkout Button. Click the button and then the magic happens.

I have been waiting for this to come out for awhile now, so naturally, as soon as I saw it I signed up. The only problem is, I don’t have anything to buy yet. As soon as I buy something, I will let you know how the process worked and if it is worth the time, but seriously, it’s Google, it has to be worth the time… right?

Stores that already accept Google Checkout

Google Checkout a Cost-Per-Action Model?

New Spam Methods

Email Marketing,Technology

I have noticed that my Inbox has been filled with more spam than usual over the past few months. This is true for my home email and my work email. The first thing I noticed about most of my recent spam is that the messages are just a large image displaying text rather than actual text.

Upon further investigation, I learned that this is so that spammers can fool spam filters and sneak into our Inboxes undetected. Learn more about these new strategies.

So far, the only way to stop them is to make sure you flag the emails as spam or junk when they arrive and before you delete them. If you just delete them, they will keep coming back, make sure you let your email client know that they are bad and you don’t want them anymore, otherwise, you will just keep seeing them.

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