My First Mac Blue Screen of Death

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It was bound to happen… Vista has been running smooth on my Mac. I don’t use it that often, but when I do, it actually runs faster than it did when I first set it up. Now that I am starting to really enjoy having a Windows thing on my Mac, I think to myself, it can’t be this good, something has to go wrong soon. And it did.

I got my first blue screen of death. Well, it is blue and it is bad news, but I don’t actually know what the blue screen of death looks like and decided that I don’t care enough to look it up in Google. Whether or not it is the real one, it is good enough for me. Luckily, I rebooted Vista without rebooting my Mac, thanks to Parrallels. During the reboot, my computer was pretty much useless, but once it rebooted, everything was back to normal.

So I guess, there is no problem. Things are back to smooth and I await my next Windows moment.

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