July 2006

Ajax Driven Word Processor

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Today I stumbled upon a great tool, AjaxWrite. It is a web-based word processor that comes with all of the bells and whistles. It loads fast, it feels like Word and it opens Word documents. As long as you have Firefox installed, you can run it on any computer and the best thing is, you don’t have to keep repurchasing it for every stinkin upgrade… it is Web-based and it is automatically updated. The only thing it is missing is a button that allows me to publish my document directly to my blog.

Check it out

Empressr, A Flash PowerPoint Competitor

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A number of Ajax based powerpoint applications have launched in the past few months. Empressr, headquartered in New York, is the newest entrant into this space. It is a flash-based application with rudimentary features.

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GE’s Whiteboard

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GE has developed a whiteboard that is now live and functional. You can use it just to draw for fun and be amazed that you can do that on the Web. Or, you can use it for functional purposes such as a collaborative meeting, but why would you do that when fun is calling your name.

Anyway, this tool is great, you can invite friends via email or messenger directly through the site. It is pretty cool and worth checking out.

Check out the Whiteboard

Repackaging barcodes


When we buy products, we inevitably purchase a package design. Designers put so much effot into creating the perfect package, but there are a few pieces that always look the same. One of these is the boring and simple barcodes.

We all know what they look like, just some black and white lines, nothing to brag about. However, there are new barcode designs being created by Springwise that are actually being implemented on some products. These barcodes add a new dimension of style and design to packaging and make them fun to look at as well.

I am sure we will start seeing these cool new barcodes appear on more and more packages soon. My only question is, will the people getting barcode tattoos get one of the new styles or stay with the old style?

Check out the barcodes

eHarmony and open source software

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If you’ve seen the commercials or even heard of Eharmony, then you know it is a matchmaking Web site. It is one of the leaders in the rapidly growing industry.

Personals and Dating is the largest online paid content category online (in the U.S.), bringing in $469.5 million in 2004. Consumer spending for dating and personals online is at an all time high. (source: Online Publishers Association Online Paid Content U.S. Market Spending Report, March 2005)

So what is the big deal? Well, they are running open source software. This is a big deal for the open source community. The site is huge, gets a ton of traffic, generates a rediculous amount of money and is taking peoples’ futures into its hands. There is a lot of responsibility in place for whatever is used to run the site, and they chose open source software. This is definately a boost to the open source community’s morale and a step in the right direction for improving their credibility.

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