About Us

Interactive Marketing Strategies and Design. Oh yes, websites too!

Established in 2005, Phx Creative is an interactive marketing strategies and design company, providing strategy, design (online and offline), site/application development, site maintenance, seo and analytic services. But mostly we build websites and make pretty pictures.

We operate with very little overhead by hiring some of the country’s top talent on a per project, contract basis. Some of our contractors work at top agencies both locally and nationally which enables us to provide you with the high quality final product that you deserve.

We currently service clients located in New York, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, Chicago, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California in a wide array of projects. With experience working alongside companies from small to large, including advertising and interactive agencies, we are able to be full service or focus on individual areas of projects depending on your company’s needs.

Check out our digital portfolio to see some of our work.

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