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Custom Wallpaper for Any Mobile Phone

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Because I am a graphics guy, my buddy asked me to make him a wallpaper for his mother-in-law’s cell phone. I needed to know her screen dimensions to make it and he didn’t know what they were. So I searched good old Google to find the dimensions and instead, I stumbled upon this great little website. This site is a great free tool to make custom wallpapers for virtually any cell phone. You can either upload your own image or link to one on the web. The phone I had to make one for has a front and inside image. The website created both images for me.

The free wallpaper tool is a great find and very easy to use.

Leaving Treo 700w Moving to iPhone

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I disabled my Treo 700w mid week and moved over to the new iPhone. I was planning on waiting a year or so, but things worked out that I never planned on, so now I find myself with the coolest new product on the market. Overall, the iPhone is pretty sweet, I did lose some things that I enjoyed with the Treo, but I gained some other things that as a Mac guy, I missed out on before.

First and foremost, I must say that AT&T has the worst cell phone coverage I have seen so far. Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile all somehow provide service all the way out in the middle of nowhere, which is where I live. AT&T barely comes up with some bars when I am upstairs or outside, but talking in my family room is not an option. But, who cares abut the services, let’s talk more about the phone, right?… yup.

The iPhone is great for me because it syncs up with my life. I work on two mac book pros, one for work and one for home. It allows me to sync with both of them. Well, for the most part it does. I can sync my calendars and contacts easily without overwriting the other one. So my phone allows me to always have an up to date calendar of my work and personal life. It also allows me to keep my contacts up to date on both machines and my phone.

Treo 700w

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I have had my Treo 700w for over a year now. It has been rated as the best phone since before I got it. The 750 is out now and the iPhone I think comes out soon or is already out, so it probably isn’t the best anymore. Anyway, I have the Windows version, which was a mistake. I wish I had the palm version or the one that syncs with my Mac without purchasing additional software.

To keep this short and sweet, let me just say, what a let down. It is such an amazing phone that does more than I could ever need, but… this is the great part, but, it freezes, crashes, restarts randomly, doesn’t send emails and texts sometimes without my knowledge until I reset it. I reset the thing at least, YES, AT LEAST 3 times a day. For a phone that cost 3/4 of a grand, you would think it wouldn’t suck. And with all of the features it has, you would think it wouldn’t suck.

It is a great phone if you have a Windows mentality and don’t mind rebooting all the time. Would I throw it away and get a Razor? No. Do I wish I had another phone? No. Do I wish the Treo lived up to the hype and didn’t act like a PC? Yes. I am keeping my phone, I just needed to complain somewhere because I am tired of being a Mac-guy with Windows issues.

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